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This video shows how to setup a book (cookbook) in Adobe InDesign.
It uses common practices by designers to make it as easy and as fast as possible to input your content after the setup.


0:00 New File
1:39 Bleed Line and Slug Line
2:10 Master Pages
2:12 Setting up Margins and Columns
4:55 Setting up Placeholders
5:41 Importing Text
7:24 Paragraph and Character Styles
16:50 Organizing Layers
18:33 Preview Mode
24:55 Fitting
26:27 Duplicate Pages
27:39 Page Numbering
30:10 Disconnect from Master Page
31:12 Setting up Table of Contents
33:47 Setting up Tabs
35:30 Changing Colours
36:36 Swapping out Colours
37:42 Importing Pictures (TIFF)
45:50 Importing Pictures (PSD)
49:00 Slug Line
54:30 Filling Blank Pages (Notes page)
56:13 Packaging Files
59:33 Making PDF

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