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Learn basics and advanced features of color management in this Adobe Indesign tutorial. Working with color in Indesign is an amazing time saver, having the right tools and knowing how to use them can speed up your workflow tenfold.

InDesign has so many different options for choosing and applying color. This program also makes it very convenient and easy to create swatches and pallets that you can use in multiple documents. Creating swatches can be done very easily using photographs and other resources that we will share in today’s video. Generate the perfect color palette in seconds using very powerful tools inside of Indesign.

I am so excited about the tips and tricks we have to share with you in this Indesign tutorial because it will make your InDesign workflow so much easier. Especially when creating graphics, worksheets and other items for your business. With this program, you will never have to guess what the best color application should be. InDesign has a host of tools that will do the work for you.

If you have ever found yourself struggling with choosing colors, creating color palettes for your designs, or just working with color, in general, you are in the right place. You definitely don’t want to miss this tutorial today. I’m going to walk you through everything I just laid out and even give you some demonstrations on how you can use it and make your workflow a little bit faster.

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