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After Effects CC: How To Center Anchor Point

This quick tip will show you how to use the Anchor Point in Adobe After Effects CC 2023. The anchor point is what a layer uses a reference point to scale or rotate from.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Pan Behind Tool: Y
Shape Tool: Q
Selection Tool: V
Rotation Property: R
Center Anchor Point:
1. Cmd/Ctrl + Double-Click on Pan Behind Tool Icon (Easy Way)
2. Cmd/Ctrl + Home (Center of Composition)
3. Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + Home (Center of Layer)

How To Move the Anchor Point without moving layer
1. Select the Pan Behind Tool (Keyboard Shortcut: Y)
2. Click and Drag Anchor Point around and use smart guides to line up

How To Center the Anchor Point using a keyboard shortcut
1. Press the CMD Key (Mac) and double-click on the Pan Behind Tool

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