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Leo and Briony have been over at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week to give you as much coverage as they can fit in each day. Leo was impressed with the EKWB suite. We’ve covered plenty of laptops, monitors, peripherals and cases so far over the course of CES, but we haven’t forgotten about the liquid cooling enthusiasts amongst you. Today at CES, Leo visited EKWB to check out the new hardware coming our way in 2019, including new fittings, the latest version of the upcoming Vakyrie AIO and all-new waterblocks, including cheaper options for those on a tighter budget.

EKWB was showing a range of new fittings, including some innovative T pieces, 90 degrees and 45 degrees that should make it much easier to build hardline systems using straight rns that have the minimum of bends.
Valkyrie AIO system is still in development but looks close to completion.
EK Connect software works with their new RGB controller and compatible pump and can also receives input from a new flow meter and water level meter. Every cooling company is enhancing their hardware with software control and EKWB has joined the arms race.
EK Classic is a budget series of pump/reservoir, CPU block and GPU block that undergo less machining during production to keep costs to a minimum.
Modulus tube bending jigs will likely be acetal rather than the aluminium prototypes that were on show.
We are very pleased to see that EKWB is considering how to tackle distribution plates – do you make them for specific models of case or go for a more universal approach.
EKWB was showing a CPU block and VRM cooler for Asus ROG Dominus. All we need now is the Intel 28-core CPU to round out the package.

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