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Format Tables InDesign 2020 | Add, Style, Modify, and Duplicate Tables in Adobe Indesign

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Hey everyone and Welcome to How to Add and Format Tables Within InDesign!

My name is Wendy Litteral of CreationDepot and I’m going to break this up into a few parts, starting with the ultimate basics on how to insert a table, then how to do basic formatting, then styling, and then setting actual styles within InDesign.

So! If you need to skip ahead hit up the description box below for the time stamps:
00:56 – Inserting a Table
04:10 – Working Within a Table
07:16 – Styling a Table
12:54 – Table Styles
17:41 – Cell Styles

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Format Tables InDesign 2020 | Add, Style, Modify, and Duplicate Tables in Adobe Indesign

How to create the table
– open a new page or your document
– draw yourself a text frame using the type tool or select where you want your table to be in your existing text; just make sure you see a cursor
– go to your menu, table, insert table or ctrl-alt-shift-t (cmd alt shift t on mac)
– within the “insert table” dialog box choose your inital table dimensions – you can always change this later, just get yourself something to work with
– header rows are rows that stay on the top of your table, even if it rolls over to another page —- as it in repeats on every new page
– same with footer rows
– choose your table style (if it’s a new doc you’re not going to have a choice, but you can make one right now if you want to. We’ll cover how to do that next anyway, but this is a shortcut way to access setting up table styles.)
– OK

Working With Tables

How to add more rows or columns
– to add more rows
— can do it from the control panel
— if you’re at the end of the table and need a few more rows, just hit tab until you get as many as you need.
–alternatively you can right click and add more
– to add more columns, you have to right click and add more
– clicking within a cell
– selecting a whole row or column
– how to move entire columns or rows

How to Style the Table
– show by example
– click T in Swatches to set colors for text or background
– show how to set cell and table styles

How to Set Table Cell Height
– drag and set style
– set it in the Control Panel at the top

How to Style Borders Using Stroke Menu
— triple click to deselect all strokes; and then you can just turn on the ones you want

Extra tips:
– merged cells (works the same as google docs and office products like word and excel)
— highlight the ones you want to merge or unmerge and click the button in control panel
– keep with next row – keeps your text together which is a god send when you’re doing your pagination (layouts) in larger docs

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