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How do I save an InDesign file with all links?

In summary, there are two ways to save an InDesign file with links:
1. Use the Package Feature to copy images with the InDesign file into a folder
2. Embed images via the Links Panel in InDesign

On Quora it was asked, How do I save an InDesign file with all links? I saw some other answers and thought, right, yes, the “Package” feature in Adobe InDesign, or Markzware FlightCheck. When you File-Package a .indd file you have opened, it copies the InDesign document and all Links (images, graphics, etc) with used fonts, etc into a folder. FlightCheck will even compress that collected or packaged folder for you!

Yet, there is another way to save an InDesign file with all links. This is how you do it:

1. Open file in FlightCheck to see if Links are Placed to Embedded
2. When Placed or Linked, Embedded them by right-clicking any image in the Links Panel
3. Your InDesign file is now saved with all Links embedded

That is how easy it is. You will notice that the size of the InDesign file becomes much bigger. Of course, for you are now storing the entire image within the .indd file format! I must also warn you. Embedding too many images can cause InDesign files to go corrupt. Yes, we see many of these and luckily we can fix them too, see:

To download a full working version of FlightCheck, see
Then you to can preflight check, package or allow you to Edit your page layout in Adobe InDesign to embed all Links in the file.

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That is how you save an InDesign file with all links.

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