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Quark vs InDesign, The DTP Battles! QuarkXPress vs Adobe InDesign with Pariah Burke, trainer, teacher and author of both Quark and Adobe DTP (Desktop Publishing) tools over the years. Pariah also had a popular website that focused purely on the “DTP war.” It was called QuarkvsInDesign and was extremely popular. It started in about 2002.QuarkXPress was, for years, pretty much all of the 1990’s and a part of the 2000’s, the king of DTP. Every graphic designer had Quark and certainly any serious book or magazine publishers. Which meant every repro and print-shop was using QuarkXPress too.

Then came along Aldus PageMaker, whom Adobe bought and formed their K2 project in 1999 to battle with Quark in the DTP realm. The result was Adobe InDesign and by version CS2 and CS3, the battles were real but it was with InDesign CS4 that Adobe started really winning major battles in the publishing software area. Many will say it was Quark’s own fault, but Adobe made some incredible moves to win the war.

Watch this video to learn the details.

0:00 David Dilling intro to Quark vs InDesign interview
0:25 Pariah Burke background
0:56 ePublishing
1:30 Rock & Roll Radio Host as well
2:00 Pariah does a lot or InDesign tutorials
2:41 Boston roots
3:15 Review Editor and Writer in early DTP days
3:46 Adobe support training
4:49 PageMaker to QuarkXPress PM2Q
5:10 Quark to InDesign the power of Markzware
5:22 Product reviews from come from desire to help
5:44 Pariah Burkes website
6:11 QUARK vs INDESIGN background
6:54 Quark vs InDesign website history
10:00 What is QuarkXPress
11:06 Desktop Publishing DTP History
13:14 Q2ID converter
13:39 Quark still alive
14:30 QuarkXPress still the choice of Daily Newspaper Publishers
15:20 QuarkXPress to ePub via QXPMarkz and InDesign
17:03 Quark vs InDesign – Who won the DTP war?
18:40 Adobe beat Quark due to it’s Creative Suite and Quark’s bad support
20:27 Pariah on the Q2ID replacement, QXPMarkz
20:50 QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher, the new DTP player
22:10 QXPMarkz for QuarkXPress 2017 to Adobe InDesign 2021
22:40 PDF to InDesign interesting too with PDF2DTP and PDFMarkz
23:47 Pariah Burke on Linkedin and opentowork
24:17 Mastering InDesign for Print Production and Design still on sale
25:10 End Quark vs InDesign interview with Pariah Burke

For more info on Q2ID and it’s replacing QXPMarkz, see:


Pariah Burke, thank you for the time. You can connect with Pariah on Linkedin here, and his webpage is:
For social media InDesign tips and tricks coupled with a little rock & roll, follow Pariah on and his YouTube channel has a lot of desktop publishing and graphic design knowledge for publishers and printers enough:

Here is an excerpt from the old page on the WayBackMachine –
“Quark VS InDesign. com chronicles the struggle of encumbent desktop publishing application, QuarkXPress, the king of the magazine, newspaper, catalog, advertising, and all other global print publishing hills since the early-1990s, against the new challenger to all its titles, InDesign, Adobe’s original, from-the-ground-up layout application born of the minds of those who created PostScript, desktop computer fonts, PageMaker, PDF, and, indeed, the concept of desktop publishing itself.” Source:
And here is the modern link on Pariahs current site:

Source – what is ePublishing or electronic publishing:

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That is Quark vs InDesign. Yes, QuarkXPress is still around, but then again so are many countries that lost wars. And many have come back to fight another day. Will Adobe InDesign be the DTP king next decade or will Quark comeback? Or will the Affinity group with their Publisher, Photo and Designer suite of software be the new DTP champions? Time will tell, but we appreciate the time from Pariah on how and why Quark vs InDesign!

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