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Demonstration of Midi2JSX to use Adobe’s After Affects (AE) with Midi files.
Since AE is normally not able to load or process midi files, there is a converter that converts the notes into Javascript events (JSX) which can be loaded and processed with AE.
For this example a midi file with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s – Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March) was used.
After the upload on the website you get some information about the midi file. In order to create a suitable JSX file, the Midi track must then be selected. Some example entries are available for the optical effects. If someone needs others (e.g. for plug-ins), just ask for it in the comments. But beware, you must have purchased and installed the plugin. So that everything fits together later, the resolution and the number of frames per second should be specified.
The parameters are pretty simple. Each number represents a frame.
If a number list of 100,80,50,20,0 is specified, then after each note, each individual number is used frame by frame. If the “Effect on Release” checkbox is activated, the list of numbers is only added after a note has been released (note-off). Note: Some effects require so-called arrays (e.g. for positions). This means that the numbers must be given in groups of two. It does not matter whether the numbers are entered as
80.40 20.10 40.30

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