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Learn how to create a form using Elementor Pro. We will talk about adding different kind of form fields, style them to match your branding, get rid of spam with the Honeyout function and more.

Overview With Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:11 Overview Of The Elementor Pro Forms Tutorial
01:11 Get Elementor Pro
02:48 Configure The Elementor Pro Form
06:06 Create More Form Fields
13:18 Configure The Button
14:06 Actions After Form Submission
16:29 Adjust the Receiving Email Message
18:38 Configure The Succes Messages
20:08 Style The Form
28:45 Additional Form Settings
30:44 Create An Acceptance field
32:30 Kill Spam With A Honeypot
33:27 Change The Look And Feel Of Your Form
35:22 Adding Multi Steps In Your Form
40:56 How To Add Conditional Logic
41:20 Export The Submissions
41:45 Make The Form Responsive
44:21 Thank You

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