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This tutorial shows how to create Mega Menu with Elementor and JetMenu plugin. Mega Menu is super flexible and it helps to organize your website. To recreate the steps shown in this tutorial, You also need the JetMenu plugin 👉

00:43 How to create new menu in WordPress dashboard
01:39 How to customize new menu in JetMenu plugin
01:49 How to add sections to the new menu in Elementor
02:20 Check the Mega Menu on your website

📌3 Reasons To Use Mega Menu on Your Website
A responsive Mega Menu is a great element that makes your website look more organized as you can create various tabs. An Elementor Mega Menu element is quite flexible so you can add various widgets as elements of the Mega Menu element.

Why should you use the Mega Menu WordPress element:
✔️It makes your website easier to use
✔️You can place several widgets within one element (the Mega Menu element)
✔️You can easily modify the Mega Menu element (move it) without changing menu elements

Overall, menus and the Mega Menu Elementor can make your website easier to use for a visitor. People can easily find something they need and it can also affect the number of visitors. If people find your website easy to use and it gives them what they need – they will visit it frequently and tell about it. After watching this Mega Menu for Elementor tutorial you will clearly understand how you can add the Mega Menu element and make it even more complex.

Mega Menu is a powerful element and you shouldn’t ignore it. You can find more information about it and how to use it here:

This video tutorial is great for people who just start learning how to create websites. It’s a step-by-step tutorial so you can follow it easily.

In this video, we used Imperion WordPress theme as an example. It is a template created to be compatible with Elementor, and moreover, it goes with a set of Jet plugins on board. If you wonder what template to use for your website – Imperion will be a great choice and you will be able to place a WP mega menu there right after installation process finishes.

☑️ Download Imperion WordPress theme 👉

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