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Are you looking to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode? Having your site in maintenance mode allows you to display a notice to your site’s visitors while you update or fix any issues rather than showing a broken site. In this video, we’ll guide you through how to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode.

For the first method we will be using the plugin ‘WP Maintenance Mode’ which can be found here:

WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon

With the plugin installed and activated you want to go under Settings, WP Maintenance Mode to set up the plugin’s settings and more importantly, activate the plugin when you want it to display the maintenance page.

In the design tab, you can modify what is displayed on the page for a visitor of your site to the design and message you want. In the modules, you can activate Google Analytics, add social links, set a countdown timer, and offer a subscription for when your site is live.

The second method to do this would be to use the Seedprod plugin found here:


This is a paid plugin so when it is activated it will take you to the page for you to input the license key for your site for it to work properly. With the license key added you can edit the settings under Settings, Coming Soon Pro where you can enable the plugin and the type of page you want active.

This plugin allows for greater customizations as well as pre-built templates to help you have a beautiful coming soon page for your site.

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