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Toggle Products View (Grid / List) for WooCommerce in WordPress Easily | WordPress Tutorial

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How can we toggle products view between grid view and list view in WordPress WooCommerce? By default, WooCommerce shop offers grid view. Depending on WordPress theme, unless it’s a premium WordPress theme. Most themes come with grid view. If your WordPress theme does not provide that option, it is easy to add one. Install a free WordPress plugin called ‘WooCommerce Grid / List Toggle’. Then visit the shop page. You should see two icons to toggle products view that can be used to toggle products view.

And it will retain it’s state. We can navigate away from products page and our selected view will remain same as per our selection. If list view affects CSS styles, that is because you don’t have enough CSS support for this type of products view in WooCommerce. Every theme is built different. You can adjust CSS easily.

If you inspect and go to wrapper for the products, you can see it’s an unordered list. If we toggle products view. It toggles a class for this UL element. You can easily target this class to add additional CSS to adjust elements in list view properly.

This method is a quick way to add a list view to the shop page. We can do it without any plugin as well. All we have to do is to add two icons at the top of shop page. Click at the icons will toggle that class. Now based on the class, we can adjust CSS to show grid or to not show grid. In case of no grid, li tags will be blocks and will push next block to a new line.

As simple as that. We are not dependent on a plugin to do it. But plugin can do it quickly and easily.

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